2024 Tech Handouts

2024 Tech Meeting Handouts

#1 Pupils and Cranial Nerves | Deion Sims, MD

#2 Double Double Vision and Prisms | Meagan Shinbashi, MD

#3 Wet/Dry AMD and Treatment for Both | Elliot Cherkas, MD

#4 Diabetic Retinopathy and Treatment | Sarah Dugan, MD

#5 Glaucoma: Early Detection and Treatment Options | John Placide, MD

#6 Uncommon Syndromes: Ehlers Danlos, Stevens Johnson, Charles Bonnet and More | Andrew Yang, MD

#7 Imaging: Basic Fundus Photography | Sabrina Bulas, MD

#8 Pediatric Ophthalmology: Tips & Tricks for Working with Kids | Momo Ponsetto, MD

#9 Premium IOL’s and LAL’s | Matthew Kaufman, MD

#10 Oregon Vision Health Network: A Vision for the State | Mitchell Brinks, MD

#11 Emergency Case Studies | Joseph Simonett, MD

#12 Contact Lens Case Studies | Jina Chong, OD

#13 Tips & Tricks: How to be more efficient in patent work-ups | Jennifer L. Tu-Bui, COT