About Us

The Oregon Academy of Ophthalmology is a professional association of eye physicians and surgeons who specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases and other conditions, and also provide vision care services.

Oregon’s ophthalmologists are dedicated to providing quality eye care to all Oregonians.

The Oregon Academy’s mission is to provide our members with services which promote and strengthen quality medical eye care in Oregon.

The Academy’s purpose is to promote and improve the practice of medicine and surgery in relation to the eye. With over 170 active members, the Academy includes nearly 80% of the practicing ophthalmologists in Oregon.

The Oregon Academy provides continuing medical education and information for its members, offers educational opportunities for ophthalmic staff, participates in public service projects, and represents its members with the State Legislature, the Oregon Congressional Delegation and government agencies.

The Oregon Academy of Ophthalmology is a nonprofit tax-exempt, 501(c)(6) organization.

Medical SymbolThis site is designed to serve three audiences:

Public: Providing information on ophthalmologists and eye care.
Oregon Academy Members: Making important information easily accessible to members, including the Academy’s annual Post Graduate Convention.
Other Ophthalmologists: Providing information on the benefits of membership in the Oregon Academy.

2018 – 2020 Officers:

Jennifer Lyons, M.D. – President
Julie Falardeau, M.D. – Vice President
Jonathan Yoken, M.D. – Treasurer/Secretary
Jonathan Kemp, M.D. – Past President
Nisha Nagarkatti-Gude, M.D. – AAO Councilor
Scot Sullivan, M.D. – OMA Delegate

Board Members:

Robert Bentley, M.D.
Mary DeFrank, M.D.
Jason Dimmig, M.D., MPH
Albert Edwards, M.D.
William Epstein, M.D.
Matthew Hauck, M.D.
Helen Koenigsman, M.D.
Nate Lambert, M.D., Resident Liaison
Andreas Lauer, M.D.
Michael Lee, M.D.
Steven Mansberger, M.D., MPH
J. Kevin McKinney, M.D.
Nisha Nagarkatti-Gude, M.D.
John Polansky, M.D.
Eric Suhler, M.D., MPH
Scot Sullivan, M.D.
James B. Wentzien, M.D.


Education Committee:

  • Steven Mansberger, M.D.
  • J. Kevin McKinney, M.D.
  • Julie Falardeau, M.D.
  • Andreas Lauer, M.D.


Amanda Dalton, Executive Director and Lobbyist
Sabrina Riggs, Senior Lobbyist
Shelley Shirley, Director of Membership & Events