Resident Mentor Program & Volunteer Form


The Oregon Academy of Ophthalmology began a Resident Mentor Program in partnership with Casey Eye Institute in 2004.

The program consists of two parts. First, residents are matched with an OAO mentor in order to spend a half-day with them learning about their practice in the community. The match is based on the residents’ interests regarding subspecialty, type of practice, etc. The time the residents spend in their mentor’s clinic may include seeing patients, observing in the operating room, or simply talking about the realities of private practice.

Secondly, the OAO hosts dinners each year that include a presentation or discussion on a topic of interest to the residents. Topics have included contract negotiation, career planning, the pros and cons of completing a fellowship, medical missions, and retirement planning. The dinner events also provide an opportunity for OAO members to meet and get to know the next generation of ophthalmologists.  The OAO office sends out notices for the Resident Mentor dinners.

The response has been overwhelming from both OAO members and residents. One resident commented, “This is by far one of the most valuable experiences of my entire residency. You just can’t learn these things in the academic environment.” Another resident noted, “I really enjoyed my time with my mentor. It really started me thinking about what kind of practice I want to have.”

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