2023 Ophthalmic Medical Technology Meeting

In-Person Meeting!

We are meeting in person in 2023! This meeting will also be live streamed (on March 10th only).


March 10, 2023 | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (President’s Reception 5:00 PM)
World Forestry Center – Miller Hall
2022 SW Canyon Road
Portland, OR 97220

Live Stream Link

You will receive an email with a link to the Live Stream. The email will go the address you used when you registered for the event.


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2023 Tech Program
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2023 Course Descriptions & Learning Objectives

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Target Group

This program is designed for ophthalmic medical personnel, including assistants, technicians, technologists and registered nurses.  Education methods employed will include lecture, demonstration and audio/visual aids.


For questions about accreditation, please contact staff@oregoneyephysicians.org.


  • #1 Update on Current Treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease | Donald Hubbard II, MD
  • #2 Full Review of Neuro in a Comprehensive Clinic: Pupils, Color Vision, Confrontational Fields and Indications for each Test | Ogul Uner, MD
  • #3 Advanced Manifest Refraction Techniques | Duanna VanCamp COT, OSC
  • #4 Case Studies and Fitting Techniques for Scleral Lenses | Christina Belter, OD
  • #5 Genetic Treatment of Eye Disease and Updates on Gene Therapy | Justin Grassmeyer, MD, PhD
  • #6 OCT Retinal Imaging Review | Radwa Elsharawi, MD
  • #7 Coding Updates & Tips for the Extraordinary Technician | Joy Woodke, COE, OCS, OCSR
  • #8 OCT-A Technology and the Growing Importance of Diagnosing and Managing Eye Disease | Beth Snodgrass, CRA
  • #9 Macular Telangiectasia and Studies for Treatment | David B. Davis II, MD, FACS, ABES
  • #10 How to do FA’s and What to Expect | Denice Barsness, CRA, COMT, ROUB, FOPS, CDOS
  • #11 Triage Emergencies | Christopher Rosenberg, MD
  • #12 Medical Missions | J. Kevin McKinney, MD

2023 Faculty

Denice Barsness, CRA, COMT, CDOS, FOPS
Portland Community College

Justin Grassmeyer, MD, PhD
2nd Year Resident
OHSU/Casey Eye Institute

Donald Hubbard II, MD
2nd Year Resident
OHSU/Casey Eye Institute

Radwa Elsharawi, MD
2nd Year Resident
OHSU/Casey Eye Institute

Ogul Uner, MD
2nd Year Resident
OHSU/Casey Eye Institute

Christopher Rosenberg, MD
2nd Year Resident
OHSU/Casey Eye Institute

J. Kevin McKinney, MD
EyeHealth Northwest

Joy Woodke, COE, OCS, OCSR

Christina Belter, OD
Legacy Health

David B. Davis II, MD, FACS
Portland Community College

Beth Snodgrass, CRA
OHSU/Casey Eye Institute

Duanna VanCamp, COT, OSC
Portland Community College

2023 Course Descriptions & Learning Objectives

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Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing. There is a $25.00 fee for cancellations before February 25, 2023. No refunds after February 25, 2023.