2019 Post Graduate Convention Handouts

2019 Post Graduate Convention Handouts

Thank you for registering for OAO’s 2019 Post Graduate Convention. Below you will find links to handouts of the presentations our guest speakers will be providing. If you have any questions, please email: staff@oregoneyephysicians.org.

Assessment of the AC Angle: Gonioscopy & Imaging | Sunita Radhakrishnan, MD

Five Teaching Tips | Thomas Oetting, MS, MD

OCT: Earth and Space | David M. Brown, MD (handouts not available)

Acute Retinal Arterial Ischemia: An Emergency Often Ignored | Valerie Biousse, MD

Management of Primary Angle Closure | Sunita Radhakrishnan, MD

Learning From Social Media | Thomas Oetting, MS, MD

Gene Therapy for Retinal Disease | David Brown, MD

Ophthalmoscopy in 21st Century | Valerie Biousse, MD

Current Status of Medical Therapy for Glaucoma | Sunita Radhakrishnan, MD

Nucleofractis From Soft to Hard Lenses | Thomas Oetting, MS, MD

Diabetic Retinopathy 2019 | David M. Brown, MD

WORKSHOP:  What Went Wrong? A Series of Interactive Cases in Which an Error was Made | Valerie Biousse, MD

The Eyes of March: Ohs Micrographic Surgery and Management of Periocular Tumors | Justin Leitenberger, MD

WORKSHOP:  Cool Ophthalmology Cases | Thomas Oetting, MS, MD

Update on Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension | Valerie Biousse, MD

WORKSHOP:  Advances in Imaging: OCTA & Wide Field | David M. Brown, MD

WORKSHOP:  Illustrative Cases for Diagnostic, Medical Therapy and Surgical Treatment | Sunita Radhakrishnan, MD